The young 13-year old Junior Engineer on the Mantarax


Becks is a young human boy who looks to be in his pre-teens. He wears raggy station clothing that doesn’t quite fit him. He has a small brown cape made of cloth that he wears over his clothing. When he can, Becks carries a laser pistol.

Becks later became a crewmember of the Mantarax. At the time he joined he is 13 years old. His style has changed more to match the crew’s style. When he really has to get dirty he will wear a jumpsuit over a black shirt. Otherwise he wears the black and gold crew colors.


Becks is an orphan living on Virgo Station with several other orphans. He has a sister named Allie and a friend named Tomtom. Becks has called himself a scrapper and spends time scavenging Virgo for parts and broken machinery to repair. Becks and the other Orphans live in a maintenance compartment above a pawn shop called Divers.

During the party’s first stop on Virgo station they rescued Becks’ sister and friend from one of the foreman at Endstreet Smelters. Becks was very grateful for the party’s help.

The party returned to Virgo almost a year later and met Becks again. They learned his dream was to become an Engineer on a crewship. They promised to return when their new ship was built.

Several month later the party returned with their new ship the Mantarax and picked up Becks and his sister Allie and made them crewmembers. At


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