Doctor Halicon

The Shirren Medical Officer aboard the Malevolent


Doctor Halicon is a Shirren. He has a blueish exoskeleton, and his eyes are green and yellow. Halicon wears light grey armor under a white coat. He typically has his medical bag on him even if he is just eating in the mess. Halicon usually does not carry any weapons on the Malevolent but the PCs did observe he had a pistol on shore leave.


Not much is known to the PCs about Halicon’s past, but, their interactions with him have shown him to be a caring individual who is concerned about others. During shore leave on Virgo Station Halicon opened a free clinic and spent almost all of his time treating patients on the station. He was concerned enough to send the PCs to find Remu, the Malevolent’s pilot, and make sure he wasn’t left behind in a drug filled stupor. The crew of the Malevolent all speak well of Halicon and respect him, but why he is on a pirate ship is anyone’s guess.

Halicon was killed during the Malevolent’s battle against the super ship in the Vin system. He was killed by a strange creature with tentacles on its arms that controlled his dead body by piercing it with a tentacle. His body was incinerated by Kala.

Doctor Halicon

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