Captain DeNova

A Pirate Lord and captain of the Malevolent


DeNova is an average sized human man with dark hair that has a shock of grey at the edges. He wears a black coat with silver buttons adorning it. DeNova has a red plasma sword which he uses to devastating effect up close and two pistols which he uses at range.


The PCs do not know much of DeNova’s past. They do know he demands military precision when it comes to the running of his ship, and, his punishments for failing to carry out one’s duty are usually severe, however, he has been shown to care for crew and he rewards those who perform their duties well.

DeNova seems to be interested in ancient artifacts. He was willing to go an obvious trap to possibly obtain one.

The PCs have been commended by DeNova twice, first for shooting down the most enemy ships during an engagement, and second for discovering a plot by a bounty hunter to attack him.

DeNova is missing in action after the Malevolent was attacked by the massive ship in the Vin system. It is currently unknown if he is dead, a prisoner, or managed to escape the strange creatures that helped Phantom attack the Malevolent.

Captain DeNova

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