Josie Anduke

A rich human girl who lives on Deneb and loves racing


Josie is a 20-year-old human girl who lives on Deneb. She has long brown hair she normally keeps down. She dresses fashionably when out and about, or, if she is visiting one of Oceanview’s famous beach parties, a bathing suit top and short shorts.


Neith met Josie during one of Oceanview’s famous beach parties on Deneb. They quickly struck up a friendship over a love of racing another popular pastime on Deneb. Neith learned that Josie comes from a rich family and her father sponsors up and coming racers. Neith tried to secure a sponsorship through her new friend but Josie was unable to convince her father to put up the money. Neith and Josie parted as friends when the party left the Deneb system.

Josie Anduke

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