Kayo the Engineer

The Malevolent's engineer she can often be found making repairs


Kayo is a female Vesk. She is six foot three and broad. She has colorful blue and purple scales. Kayo almost always has her toolkit. She wears a mechanics outfit. A brown jumpsuit with a large utility belt holding numerous tools. She also carries a scattergun on her belt with extra shells.


The party doesn’t know much of Kayo but she is often helped by Proxy and Ikalgo in engineering. She appreciates having Ysoki help, as they can get into places that she can’t. She treats the Malevolent like her baby.

After the Malevolent was attacked by the super ship in the Vin system the party heard a message over the con that an intruder had torn Kayo’s brain out. If this is to be believed she was killed during the intrusion.

It was later discovered that Kayo, or rather Kayo’s body, was serving as the mouth piece of a Dominion of the Black vessel. It was totally destroyed in an engagement with the party’s new ship the Mantarax vaporizing what was left of her so she could no longer be defiled.

Kayo the Engineer

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