Kima 1st Officer of the Malevolent

The stern first officer of the Malevolent


Kima is a female Damaya Lashunta. She has long green hair which she keeps in a ponytail and piercing green eyes. Kima wears light Estex suit with a jacket over it for armor and carries a pistol and several grenades.


Not much is known to the PCs of Kima’s past. Her demeanor suggests some prior experience as a trainer of military troops. Kima is very stern and often tightly wound. She does not put up with any sort of behavior that runs counter to her expectations. She often accompanies DeNova while on shore leave. Kima has shown to be a powerful Technomancer.

During the Malevolent’s battle against the super ship in the Vin system Kima was poisoned by a strange alien intruder. Her last act was to give the party a satchel and tell them to see the Starfinders.

Kima 1st Officer of the Malevolent

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