The leader of the Rouges, rivals of the Party


Korva is a human man with longer dark hair, blue armor and a cape. He favors rifles and often carries grenades.


Korva came aboard the Malevolent at the same time as the party but was put on Rogue Team and become their leader. Korva has been shown to be quick to anger and considers the party his rivals. Their first confrontation was after their first battle where he claimed the party had “snipped the Rogue’s shots.” A fight ensued but was stopped before anyone was seriously hurt.

During the Malevolent’s stop on Virgo Station Korva hired a group of roughs to mug the party. The party killed most of the muggers and interrogated the only survivor to learn his involvement (although they couldn’t prove it was him).

Later, the party fought the Rogues in a blue pit fight and emerged victorious.

After a string of defeats to the Rangers it seems Korva and his crew decided to leave the Malevolent and join up with Hollander Phantom.


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