Valki Orbitfall

Formerly the most influential individual on Virgo Station


Valki is an older human man with sharp features and white hair. He likes to wear nice clothing and suits. Despite his age he is physically fit and looks strong.


Valki resides on Virgo Station in the Virgo system. He owns the Disc, the main area of entertainment on the space station and maintains an office there. He also functions as the station’s de facto governor. During their first visit to Virgo the party tracked down an asteroid miner who had gone into hiding after losing a bet to one of the station’s wealthier residents. The party managed to track down the debtor for Valki who was pleased with their success.

Since the SandTec anti-piracy force has taken control of Virgo Station Valki has been removed from his office and is now wanted by SandTec. His new goal is to liberate the station from SandTec control.

Valki Orbitfall

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