The mystic of the Rogues


Vishkith is a male Shirren with an orange carapace and yellow eyes. Vishkith wears white and grey clothing with a head adornment typical to many Shirren mystics. Vishkith carries a pistol but usually relies on his spells.


Vishkith is a mystic but the party doesn’t know what his connection is. Vishkith has shown himself to be more resistant to fighting than the other Rogues. He was the first one to try to stop the initial confrontation when it began to get out of hand and has typically used only non-lethal magic when using magic offensively. Vishkith has also shown himself to be very brave and dedicated to his team. He was more than willing to move into harms way to help health his teammates in during the blue fight at the pit.

After a string of defeats to the Rangers it seems Korva and his crew decided to leave the Malevolent and join up with Hollander Phantom.


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