An android operative who is part of the Rogue's team


Yose is a male android with pale human shaded skin and decorations on his cheek and arms that give off a faint red glow. Yose has dark synthetic hair that he keeps in a short ponytail. Yose wears light armor in darker hues and carries several pistols, short blades, and grenades.


Yose is an Android and the party doesn’t know much about him. He is very quiet and talks only when he has to. Yose has followed the Rogues loyally since he was placed on their team.

After a string of defeats to the Rangers it seems Korva and his crew decided to leave the Malevolent and join up with Hollander Phantom.

Yose was captured along with Chips when they tried to steal part of the Orichalcum artifact map from the Starfinders on Chroma Station.

As of recently Yose managed to escape custody when he was being transported to Absalom station. He is now at large with a sizable bounty on his head.


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